This is a complete walkthrough for Undercroft. Beware: spoilers!

Exact positions are described in square brackets, for example [3,15].

Part 1 – Dunghill

In Dunghill

  • Get work from Myron at [9,12]. He’ll give you a key. Open the garden gate at [7,14].
  • Take two chickens at [4,15] and [8,16].
  • Kill the giant worm in the garden and go back to Myron for a reward.
  • Give 5 coins to the beggar. He’ll give you a rusty key. Unlock the door to the townhall cellar at [13,11].
  • Go to the townhall cellar.
  • Pull the levers at [12,6] and [13,8].
  • Take the chickens at [12,9], [9,6] and [11,11].
  • Go to the pub’s cellar. The ladder down is behind the foliage east of the pub’s door.
  • Take the chicken at [1,10].
  • Go back to the surface. Bring all the six chickens to Mathylde at [8,6].
  • Defeat Ukmar at [1,7], if you want some extra money.

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Outside Dunghill

  • Talk to the woman at [3,4].
  • Go to the cottage at [22,18] and enter the door.
  • Talk to the man at [31,1].
  • Get a job (and list) from the merchant at [45,12].
  • Talk to the woman at [47,10].
  • Talk to the hunter at [41,9]. He’ll give you some bloody meat.
  • Kill the demon at [42,18].
  • Defeat the dog at [28,4] (you need the bloody meat here) and go to the hunter for a reward.
  • Enter the ancient tomb at [32,1].

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The ancient tomb

  • Get a bone key from the sarcophagus at [3,14].
  • Press the button at [12,16] to open a secret passage.
  • Save the lost brother at [23,5]. He’ll give you another bone key.
  • Press the button at [7,1].
  • Press all the levers you encounter until you arrive in the last chamber at [5,9].
  • Use the bone keys to unlock the two locks on the walls.
  • Take the poster at [2,10]. This is your proof of heroism.
  • With the proof, go back to Nimlor and talk to the watch at [45,7]. Answer “adventurer” and give him the proof.
  • Leave the village to the east.

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Part 2 – Deep Forest

  • Go to the summoner’s cottage at [7,31], and take the job he is offering. He’ll give you an empty flagon.
  • Free the fairy at [13,35] to get a power gem. She’s guarded by a horde of spiders.
  • Go to the woman at [6,41]. Prepare for battle, if you agree to follow her.
  • Give 6 wolf furs to the gypsy at [1,23].
  • Give bread and cheese to the statue at [4,22].
  • Talk to the monks in the temple at [5,18] and take another job. They’ll give you holy water.
  • Go down into the lava pit at [11,22].
  • Find the ruby at [7,9].
  • Find and step into the four glowing circles on the ground. They are at [1,14], [5,8], [13,4], [13,13].
  • After the destruction of the fourth circle, the fire lord appears near the exit. Kill him and get the second ruby.
  • Put the two ruby stones into the skull at [5,8].
  • Go through the bush at [5,13] and find the troll cave entrance.
  • Find the runic stones at [13,14] to repair the broken teleport obelisk.
  • In the troll cave, fill the flagon with water at [5,2] and bring it back to the summoner.

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Part 3 – Aenor’s Glen

  • Go to the woodcutter’s cottage at [15,35], and get the wolf-killing job.
  • Ron will appear at [13,35]. He’ll take you to a hidden clearance. Kill all the wolves there, then return with Ron to collect your reward.
  • Find the village. Talk to Edwin at [23,25].
  • Talk to the highlander at [34,26].
  • Talk to the troll at [34,22] and get a forest spell of passage.
  • Talk to the guard at [37,30].
  • Talk to Ogla, the druid at [24,37].
  • Go to the Ogla’s Maze.

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Solving Ogla’s Maze

Follow this sequence through the maze:

(L=turn left, R=turn right, F=move forward, P=push boulder)

Starting position: [27,43], facing south:


Go to [23,44] and turn south:


Go to [28,50] and kill the troll:


Take Ogla’s herbs at [24,52].

Maze in the beginningMaze when you reach the herbs

Beginning maze

Herbs maze

  • Give Ogla’s herbs to Edwin.
  • Tap on Aenor’s statue at [27,29] and take the spring stone.
  • Tap on the well at [29,32] and take the stone crook.
  • Give a bottle of orkish brandy to the beggar at [31,32].
  • Use the stone crook on the monk’s statue at [2,26].
  • Go to the wolf’s lair at [8,27].
  • Use the secret passage to the east at [7,2] and get the icebear bow there.
  • Bring the bow back to the sad archer in the village at [34,26]. Enter the mines at [11,19].

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In the mines

  • Repair the teleport obelisk at [2,21].
  • Go to [24,21]. Here is a rebus with levers. Pull the levers at [22,19], [23,21] and [27,21].
  • Take the miner’s key at [28,18].
  • Use the key at [4,6]. There’s a pick behind the door, and you’ll be able to get gold out of a rock with it.
  • Find the exit at [22,44].

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Back on surface

  • Go to [30,3] to recharge the spring stone.
  • Go to [26,5] and tap the avalanche there. Then recharge the stone again.
  • Talk to captain Roland in his tent at [37,6].
  • Melt another avalanche at [29,9].
  • Use the secret passage at [29,11], follow the path and go through the rock at [39,20].
  • Go back to the village and talk to the guard at [37,30], open the gate and leave the village.

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Part 4 – Abandoned Graveyard

  • Go to the gravedigger’s cottage at [5,3]. Talk to the gravedigger.
  • Go to [10,3], unlock the door and enter the cellar.
  • Kill all the rats here. Take the two iron keys from the chest at [1,4]. There’s a hidden lever at [5,1].
  • Talk to the gravedigger.
  • Open the gate at [9,13] and loot the tomb behind it.
  • Open the gate at [16,13] with the second key.
  • Go to the tomb of Vigus at [20,12].
  • Pull levers at [4,12], [6,12], [12,12].
  • Get the first seal quarter in the sarcophagus at [8,19].
  • Find Leonard at [21,26] and get another job. You must find him 5 bodyparts. Their locations are [14,5], [36,19], the grave at [12,8], the grave at [7,15] and the small tomb at [12,3]. After finishing the job, choose to kill Leonard or his creation.

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Tomb of Ambrius

  • Enter the tomb of Ambrius at [20,14].
  • Get the tomb key at [11,1].
  • Enter the teleport at [1,3], empty the chest and tap the torch to teleport out.
  • Get the chateau de carcass at [11,10].
  • Get the second tomb key from the sarcophagus at [5,16].
  • Go to the lower level and use both keys on the locks to get to the treasure.
  • Go back to the gravedigger.

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  • Go to the catacombs at [30,13].
  • Go down at [11,12].
  • Find the exit up at [15,6].
  • Get a gear in the chest at [27,9].
  • Remove the timber blocking the door at [22,7], then free the door at [13,8].
  • Go down at [12,4].
  • On the lower level, find a chamber with a lot of remains lying on the ground in blood stains.
  • Don’t step on the remains. Find a way across the chamber to the lever at [3,3] and pull it.
  • Pull the lever at [3,7].
  • Get to the sarcophagus at [2,5] and empty it. Now you have the second part of the seal.
  • Go up.
  • Go to the chamber at [15,2], crack the wall at [17,2] and get the second gear from the chest at [20,1].
  • Use both gears on the lever at [20,9].
  • Find the exit up at [17,15]. You are back at the graveyard.
  • Remove the timbers from the gates at [33,10] and [33,16].
  • Break the vase at [35,6] and get the rusty key.
  • Get the tools at [37,7]. Kill all the zombies that emerge, and then tap the coffins in the corner. The gravedigging job is done.
  • Open the gate at [9,25], enter the tomb at [13,25], kill Mad Edward there and get the ancient necklace.
  • Take the necklace to the zombie at [37,20]. She’ll give you a golden key.
  • Use the key on the gate at [20,21] to get some nice treasure.
  • Go to the gravedigger. He’ll give you the third part of the seal.
  • Go to the catacombs again.
  • You can trade with the goblin at [40,4], if you give him rat meat or a chicken leg.
  • Find the exit down at [45,14] behind a fake wall.
  • On the lower level, find the teleport maze at [3,24].
  • In the maze, green grass means go north, white flowers means go east, red flowers means go south, and yellow flowers means go west. The correct sequence of steps is:
    • EEES – SSWW – SSEE – EESS – WWW (teleported) W
    • WWW (in the center) N
    • NNNE – EESS (teleported) - SSEE – N
  • Find the exit up at [12,20].
  • Go to the chest at [46,4]. Close the doors to the west, north and east before you open the chest.
  • Take the fourth part of the seal from the chest.
  • Open the three doors one at a time, defeat the undead and pull the levers to open the main door to the south.
  • Go to the graveyard to the royal tomb at [26,26].
  • Tap the round stone blocking the entrance and enter the tomb.

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The royal tomb

  • Press the button at [28,7] and get the ruby at [25,7].
  • Press the button at [13,19] and kill the skeleton to get the second ruby.
  • Use both rubies on the skull at [22,13]. Use the teleport to enter a secret chamber.
  • The button at [28,7] opens an entrance to another secret area.
  • Drag an enemy to the plate at [22,8] to open the secret area to the north.
  • To pass the chamber of sun, start at [24,20], then move EESS WWWW SSEE.
  • Behind the chamber, find the stairs down. On the lower level, go south until you find more stairs down.
  • Go to [8,7].
  • Read the book to the east until you rip a paper with runes out of it.
  • Use the stairs up at [4,2].
  • Find the flute at [12,6]. (You have to break a cracked wall to get there.)
  • Take the items from the sarcophagus at [2,9].
  • Put the severed skull on the pedestal at [2,12].
  • Put the sandals on the pedestal at [1,7].
  • Put the left hand on the pedestal at [2,5].
  • Put the right hand on the pedestal at [3,7].
  • Go down, and then use the stairs up at [8,14].
  • Go to [17,29]. You are in a chamber with a lot of cracked walls. Break them all and find 8 levers. Pull them to open the door on the west.
  • Go through the fake wall at [13,28], and press the button at [12,22].
  • Get to the painted wall at [2,17].
  • Use the paper with runes on it and tap it again.
  • The correct answer is “nis” and “oghal”.
  • Go to [29,25] and tap the torch. Then cross the water.
  • Open the sarcophagus at [35,28] and kill the stone golem.
  • Go to [34,11]. Beware of the turning teleports at [26,12] and [36,12].
  • Press the button here, and then the button at [34,13].
  • Break the wall at [30,11], and use the flute on the sign behind it.
  • To leave the chamber, press the button at [30,13] and enter the teleport.
  • Now you can use the teleport on the lower level at [8,6] to enter the king’s chamber.
  • Talk to the king and then return to the graveyard.
  • Talk to the king again at [27,21].
  • Leave the graveyard through the hole at [28,20].

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Part 5 – Ruined Cloister

  • Pass the spider tunnel (the altar of restoration is at [16,16]).

In the cloister:

  • Go to [38,9] and talk to the hangman.
  • Kill the fat dead to the north. Talk again with the hangman.
  • Go to the prior’s cell and tap the book at [20,12]. You can see it only when you are facing north. You’ll get a tower key.
  • Find the clapper at [3,4].
  • Unlock the tower at [8,6].
  • Climb up the tower and use the clapper on the bell at [12,2]. Ring the bell 12 times.
  • Find the prior’s key in the chest at [14,0].
  • Go back to the cloister.
  • The prior’s key fits the door at [9,13].
  • Go to the library. The entrance is at [28,1].

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In the library

  • Find the book at [6,10]. Tap it and read it.
  • Tap the green book at [1,16] and take the sprig.
  • Tap the red book at [1,13] and take the scale.
  • Tap the blue book at [1,11] and take the pearl.
  • Use the lever at [4,19].
  • Fill the hole at [3,22] in this order: scale, sprig, pearl. You’ll open the secret area at [2,20].

There is more than one route through the library. This is one possible route:

  • Tap the lever at [10,17].
  • Take the ruby at [13,16].
  • Tap the book on the ground at [14,17].
  • Teleport at [16,21].
  • Press the button at [12,15].
  • Tap the lever at [14,13].
  • Read the book on the shelf at [13,13].
  • Read the book at [12,11].
  • Press the button at [16,10].
  • Teleport at [16,8].
  • Press the button at [6,15].
  • Press the button at [3,12].
  • Press the button at [3,10].
  • Tap the lever at [8,10].
  • Tap the lever at [9,8].
  • Teleport at [15,4].
  • Press the button at [11,1].
  • Teleport at [12,1].
  • Teleport at [13,5].
  • Teleport at [16,2].
  • Tap the lever at [12,5].
  • Take the ruby from [9,4].
  • Teleport at [16,8].
  • Read the book at [5,7].
  • Teleport at [7,7].
  • Teleport at [6,4].
  • Tap the lever at [2,7].
  • Put the rubies in the skull at [3,3].
  • Leave the library and go to the temple to the statue at [37,7].
  • Tap the statue, until it’s heading to the south. Then the wall at [36,6] will open. Follow the way down.

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In the cloister underground

  • Talk to the monk at [17,7].
  • Take the iron key at [14,1].
  • Tap the button at [10,1] and press the plate at [9,2].
  • Tap the torch at [4,3] to open the door at [3,1].
  • Use the iron key on the door at [8,9].
  • Use the stairs down to [8,10].
  • Go to [3,7] and fall down.
  • Pull the lever at [32,4].
  • Open the door at [31,3] and the door at [34,4]. Use the stairs at [32,7].
  • Survive the interrogation and fight your way to the warder at [18,8] or thereabouts. Kill him and take his two keys.
  • Open the armoury at [23,6] and take the viper staff.
  • Go upstairs and give the viper staff to the monk at [17,7]. Then kill the monk.
  • On the second level, save the people in the northwest corner. Talk to all 4 of them.
  • Use the ladder at [19,22] to go up. Take the bone key at [1,5] and go down again.
  • Find another iron key at [18,10] in the cloister cellar, and use it on door at [13,11].
  • Go down to the cloister underground and unlock the door at [25,20].
  • Fight your way through to the exit at [28,16].
  • Go to [4,4].
  • Kill everybody. The priest master will drop a key. Use it at [6,2] and leave the cloister.

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Part 6 – Dolbrad

There are several quests in the city, with different enemies and varying difficulties. You can complete the quests in any order you like. If a particular quest is difficult for you, return to it later when you have better equipment and stats.

Ghouls in the sewers

Talk to the sewage worker at [22,24]. He’ll give you a manhole key, which you need to enter the city sewers. Kill 10 ghouls and bring their eyes as proof to the sewage worker.

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Missing boy

  • Offer help to the woman at [18,20]. Kill spiders in the city park and reach [3,30].
  • Go back to the woman. You can get to the park through the city sewers, but first you need to complete the quest Adventurer and open the main tank.
  • To survive this, you have to drain the water by turning the wheels at [7,14] and [32,14], and a hidden one at [16,5]. Click the buttons at and around [18,7] to get to the hidden wheel.

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  • Offer help to the alchemist at [48,27].
  • Unlock the door at [47,26].
  • Inside the house, go to the cellar and kill the demon.
  • Talk to the alchemist again.

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  • Talk to the apple merchant at [23,5].
  • Go to the Mad Dwarf’s pub at [51,25] and find Rimbrock.
  • Kill Rimbrock and take his axe.
  • Give the axe to the apple merchant.
  • If you want to solve the paying debts quest, then go to the Duncan’s Axes shop at [30,26] first, and show the axe there before you give it to the merchant. The apple merchant will disappear and clear the way to the very important sewer hatch.

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Paying debts

  • Go to the Duncan’s Axes shop at [30,26] and ask Duncan why is he in a bad mood.
  • Talk to the apple merchant at [23,5] to locate Rimbrock.
  • Go to the Mad Dwarf’s pub at [51,25] and find Rimbrock.
  • Kill Rimbrock and take his axe.
  • Go to the Duncan’s Axes shop at [30,26] and show the axe there.

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Befert hermit

  • Read the note column at [36,26] until you find a message from Hermit’s Eden.
  • Give money to the beggar at [52,29].
  • Open the door at [54,31].
  • Kill the thugs and go inside. You will find crates with some wares in there.
  • Go to Hermit’s Eden at [19,20] to get the reward.

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  • Read the note column at [36,26] until you read a message from Lady Elbrunda.
  • Go to the sewers. The missing dog is at [24,24]. Knock at the door at [29,17] and collect the reward.

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Retired gladiator

  • Talk to Razzik at [52,22].
  • Talk to Khumrac at [42,13].
  • Kill everything in the arena.
  • You have to ring the bell to start the next round and you must kill all the creatures in the round. There are four rounds.
  • Ask for a reward (the choice is yours) and then talk to Razzik again.

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  • Find the merchants in the Jolly Goose Tavern at [35,2].
  • Knock on the door at [28,9] and offer your services to the smugglers.
  • Do four jobs for the smugglers to finish the quest and the game.

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  • First job for the smugglers: Knock on five doors in the city to collect ransom money.
  • In the city zoo you will be attacked by animals, and in the warehouse in the port you will be lured inside and attacked by some roughnecks. Kill their boss to get the money you came for.
  • The doors you need to visit are at [23,2], [17,25], [47,33], [49,11] and [47,7].

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  • Second job for the smugglers: Go to the sewers, kill two other gangs and retrieve their rings.
  • You will find the team of Assassins at [35,16]. Shadow Cloak bears the ring.
  • The team of Lizardmen is at [3,24] and the ring is held by Krissrak. Lizardmen are behind the main tank. (See the quest Missing boy to find out how to get there.)

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  • Third job for the smugglers: Get into the house through the window at [32,27].
  • Get into the cellar.
  • Kill the executioners to get keys to the locked doors.
  • Find the keg at [23,14].
  • Use the keg on the door at [17,6].
  • Go to [17,13].

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New warehouse

  • Fourth job for the smugglers: To do this, you have to drive the evil ghost of duke Falstad out of the cursed house.
  • The house is at [23,31]. Follow the steps in the House of horror quest.

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House of horror

  • After receiving the fourth job from the smugglers, enter the house at [23,31].
  • Go to [2,8] – follow the steps in the Magic mirror quest.

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Magic mirror

  • Go to the city, and go to the alchemist’s house at [47,26].
  • Talk to the man. (You need to have completed the quest Alchemist to get some answers from the man.)
  • Tell the man about the mirror.

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  • Complete the Magic Mirror quest.
  • Buy a black cat at the Zephran’s Menagerie at [49,21].
  • Go to the tree at[24,10] and get the cottage key from the hole. Go to the city park, to the cottage at [10,29], unlock the door and go through the cottage to the garden.
  • Kill the man-eating plant and take its root.
  • With the cat and the root, go back to the alchemist.

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Magic circle

  • Complete the Seeker quest.
  • Go to the cursed house and walk through the mirror at [2,8].
  • Walk through the mirror at [8,13].
  • Take the golden key in the room.
  • Find the stairs up at [10,8].
  • Upstairs, unlock the door at [4,10] and in the dark area light up all the candles. (Wraiths are destructible in the light.) The candles are at [8,10], [6,4], [11,4], [15,4], [18,4], [18,15], [13,15], [6,15], [11,10] and [15,10].
  • When the whole area is lit up, you can find the shards at [13,8].
  • Take the shards downstairs and fix the mirror at [8,15].
  • Go through this mirror, and then through the mirror at [6,19].
  • Read the book at [19,5].
  • Go to [4,3] and find the dungeon key in the blue book in the bookshelf to the east.
  • Go down the stairs to the dungeon.
  • Unlock the door at [11,9].
  • Go to [17,9].
  • Go to the city and talk with the alchemist.

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Blood link

  • Complete the Magic Circle quest.
  • Go back to the cursed house and its dungeon.
  • Go to [17,9].
  • Go to [14,6].
  • Go to [14,14].
  • Go to [9,16].
  • Go to [3,9].
  • Go to [4,4].
  • Tap the crack in the northern wall.
  • Go to [2,2], tap the bones and talk to the necromancer’s ghost. You will find a key there. You can use it on the lock at [15,6].

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Duke of horror

  • Complete the Blood Link quest.
  • Go to the cursed house to the study room at [18,5].
  • Click the painting at [19,4].
  • Walk through the picture to the astral plane.

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Killing immortal

  • Complete the Duke of Horror quest.
  • On the astral plane, destroy all the glowing crystals. Their locations are [1,4], [15,3], [8,10], [17,12], [3,15], [3,21], [10,18], [9,22] and [17,27].
  • You will need two keys to get everywhere on the astral plane. One lies at [1,27], and the second one is at [1,1].
  • After destroying all the crystals, go to [13,12] and kill the monster.
  • Go to the smuggler’s HQ to finish the game.

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